I am an AI-enthusiast, software engineer, husband, father, and technical leader.

I worked at Amazon for 6 years on Alexa. My last role was as the Director of Software Engineering for Proactive. I had the privilege of leading an amazing team improving customer experiences (like notifications, feedback, and contextual suggestions). We launched ML models at global scale for content ranking. Before that I managed software engineering teams to launch Alexa features such as: in-skill purchasing, voice skill enablement, quick links, the Skills Store, and many other systems. I have a few patents and published some Alexa skills.

I was also the Sr. Group Tech Manager at Blizzard Entertainment for Engineering Systems. We built telemetry, automation, and cloud systems. I was the Technical Director for Platform Services and was grateful to be a part of some of Blizzard’s most successful launches (e.g. Overwatch).

I was originally born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada but moved to Arizona in my formidable years. I now live in Southern California (my personal Goldilocks zone of climate).

I am blessed to have an amazing family (immediate and extended). This blog be focused on my own personal work explorations and side-projects. Feel free to look at my GitHub profile to see more or checkout my (sparse) posts.

The ideas and work presented on this site are of my own creation, unrelated to past, present, or future employers.