31 May 2024

Background First

I wrote this in a short few minutes while sitting outside. I have been thinking for awhile how odd it is that there are not many examples of “moving fast” (or being “cracked” as the kids say) in the Bible. Being slow, patient, peaceful is emphasized far more often than the rush of moving fast, shipping something, being skilled, Hacking the Gibson, that feeling of twitchiness from a coding session, and the thrill of a “run” (whatever that means to you). You just do not see that in the Bible. There are references to “skills” (Matthew 25:14-30 and 1 Corinthians 12:4-7), but that’s not quite the same thing.

So this morning I had a pair of hummingbirds zoom past me and I burst out laughing. Why? Because birds are like nature’s “cracked” elite. They fly, dart, zoom, speed, and embody what I think is that Hacker-esque, Case-in-Neuromancer-doing-a-run-with-the-Flatline kind of vibe that I dig so much.

After this realization, I’m embarrassed to say that: I wrote a poem. I had no intention of writing a poem; but a poem came out.



Flight is speed

Freedom begets acceleration

Soaring through the network, through creation
Energy exerted, yes, but minimally
No time to toil or spin; keep flying

You are nature’s hacker.
The Cutter.
The Hummer.
The Ruby-throat.
Fully cracked, searching for a fix.

You explode with music and song.
Your signature song is the encrypted public key announcing your dance.

Little seekers who want to be found.

Always waiting for, waiting on the Sun
Waiting for more energy. Today’s is enough.

You are part of a greater whole.
The systems become life and life is not alone. It soars and sings and thrums inside and around you.

The stone and the lightning and the heat become vine and root. They bear sweet fruit. Nectar nourishes you. But only enough for today.

Life is on fire and that fire burns the earth. Your life is an emergent pattern in space and time; matter and energy.

But the whisper silences all life.
It is subtle guidance. It is a globally seeking minima.

Fly, fly, fly, you little faiths.

In your seeking, spread seed. Pollinate so that you be fed. Your consumption is vital, your children too will produce. You are creation and creator and created. Though you know it not.

Beware the mantis. Small and still, its strike is also fast. Faster than you. But it has no energy. It waits. But you can fly! Dust your wings and…

Fly, fly, fly little faith. The energy in you is meant for you. You are the energy made matter.